About Us

Snoring Darth Vader

Here at Helpsnoring.com we’ve been in the the business of helping people for a long time. We mainly been in the business of holistic health and anti-aging. But how we got started here at this business (www.helpsnoring.com), is that one day while one of the business partner’s here at the office was sleeping on the couch. We noticed his fairly loud snoring and I said to the guy’s, “Man can Kevin saw some logs”, Mike one of guy’s said, “I’ve been told by my wife that I have quite a snore.” I looked at him with a slight smile. He continued on,  “She said, she was thinking about sleeping in another room, if I couldn’t find a way to at lest quiet it down some”.  All of the sudden I realized this was no laughing matter with some people.

After some serious talking about snoring for next couple of weeks with the guys, I started to do some research. Mike came into the office  one day and said, I just received a anti- snoring ring in the mail yesterday, He said he tried it last night and his wife said it worked and was thrilled about it, “she said it really worked”, I stopped snoring.

That really demanded my attention.

How could a ring that you wear on your little finger stop you from snoring? He also suggested that we put the ring and some anti-snoring products on another website we have for health products. It was a great idea, but I needed more proof. The only person that I knew who had had success with a product like this was Mike. I asked him how much he paid and he told me $49.95. I looked at Kevin and said, we need to look into this. (Oh, I forgot to mention my girl friend had told me that sometimes I snored, and that she would go into another room sometimes to get some rest). That really bothered me. I had asked Mike to keep me informed on the ring.

In a couple more weeks he reported it had really worked, so I went ahead and purchased one too. What we latter came to find out in our process of discovery was that there are many snoring solutions, and that everybody is different. Mike and I used the acupressure ring and it worked for both of us. Another friend said he tried it and said it might have cut it down some, but told us he had to go for a silicon mouthpiece. Now other people have told me the only thing that worked for them was the nasal strips.

All the products we carry have helped many different people across the world. Oh, and we finally decided that this subject of snoring needed a website all it’s own and so with a lot of trial and error, and true loving compassion, (voila, a french term) or Voo-Wa-la in american street lingo, which means (Here it is).  And that’s the story of helpsnoring.com. We hope you’ll find something that will work for you and help you to stop snoring.